Our steel doors and gates – warrants to your safety!

Every landlord cares about safety of his house. No matter whether it is a country house or a city apartment, safety is always a top priority. Sadly, some landlords start thinking about the safety issues only after something bad has happened. Why wait for trouble? Is not it easier to solve this issue straight away?

Steel entry doors – the most popular engineering safety form for defense from someone breaking into a house. This is a fact proved by both, statistics and the growing demand of consumers. Steel entry door is a first defense line for a house or any room. It is force resistant, almost impossible to knock out or damage mechanically.

It is not an easy task to choose the right doors. The market of steel doors is big and in Latvia and there is a variety of products to choose from. Doors produced by SIA “OLGALEK” is an excellent protection for your property. Aesthetic look, good sound and heat resistance – these are mandatory preconditions for doors production and installation, and the many years experience of our experts is the key to the quality of our products. Distinct measurements are taken in order to produce every door. We use a bent construction that is produced by the latest technology of bending sheet metal using very precise equipment with a programmable control device. Door canvas and frame are made of steel sheets that are bent in a specific way in order to create a solid door carcass, which is strengthened by additional stiffeners. Bent construction steel doors look much more esthetic than carcass profile doors. Cotton wool as an inner stuffing provides good sound and heat resistance.In order to increase the level of sound resistance and door amortization when opening and closing it, a special compactor is inserted along the whole perimeter of the sash. Door security pins from the hinges side, as well as hinges with bearings, are used in the construction of doors to provide additional resistance.
Steel door “LUX”

We offer a variation of different doors by their look and complexity:

We produce doors for all clients, offering a range from economy to exclusive models.

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